Finders weepers
as business has
no dog-gone luck

January 29, 1976

Talk about hard times...

The Louisville Investigating Agency (LIA) opened its doors for business about two months ago at 3622 North Western Parkway.

The LIA specializes in finding missing dogs. But the trouble is, said LIA chairman Monte Gibbs, nobody has lost a dog.

Monte, 11, of 3613 Northwestern Parkway, said he has five agents he can turn loose on a case almost any hour of the day - after school.

"We haven't been very busy, but we sit around and talk a lot," he said.

The LIA office is in a room at the home of brothers Scott and Ricky Daunhauer, both LIA agents. Times are so tough that all the investigators have been shoveling snow or doing other odd jobs to replenish the treasury.

Besides dogs, the LIA will look for cats, or about any other lost creature or object.

The agency's services to the elderly, say 40 or older, are free.

Someday somebody in the neighborhood is going to lose a dog, or something.

Then watch the LIA spring into action.


LIA members are from left, Monte Gibbs, Scott Carman, Rick Daunhauer, Dale Halleron and Scott Daunhauer. With them is Hobo.

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