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The green picture is a copy of an original certificate and not one of those counterfeits -Notice the green ink (from the original printing designed by Gray Oman MD33) and the black hand written calligraphy by Nannie Oakley MD77 "Because you get 8 more"

CB Radio Club Worth taking a look around. Includes forum, reviews, classifieds and much more.  

Copper Electronics Local to Mud Ducks in Louisville, KY but maybe not the place of choice to buy equipment (Subject to opinion)

Mud Duck List (Incomplete for sure)

Email me if you have additions and/or changes to the list.

This is not an official list. The names and numbers may have been changed to protect the drunken.

1 Deputy Dog
4 Steel Cowboy
7 Lil B
11 Nomad
13 Wolverine
15 715
19 DH1
24 Little Red Riding Hood
32 Red Fox
33 Grey Oman
34 Widowmaker
39 Snickers
44 Dr. D
47 Ellie May
52 Home Boy
56 Lazy Lady
66 Six Pack
68 Shy Fox
69 Kokomo Joe
75 Chippy
77 Nannie Oakley
88 TNT
99 Fire Ball
107 Road Runner
116 Kung Fu
121 Rocking Chair
124 Dixie Darlin'
137 Katiedid Updated 2/14/2000
138 Warlock (That one guy who used to call himself Assaulter) Updated 10/3/99
176 Leather
215 Little Joe (Updated 11/23/99)
224 Chain Saw
254 White Knight
262 Corner Pocket
267 Bossman (Updated 11/24/99)
314 Blue Devil One
333 Evil Princess
463 Rock And Roll Man
524 Range Rider
812 Wild Turkey
1000 Rocket Man

Bulldog Jr.

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